How to Choose the Best Ping Pong Table

Best Ping Pong Table

For over 100 hundred years ping pong (or table tennis as its officially known in the United States) has been a very popular game that continues to be enjoyed by tens of thousands of people due to the fact that its fun to play and at the same time, it also helps you stay in shape.

ping pong table reviews

While not everyone who plays ping pong wants to play it on a professional level, some people do aspire to that one day when they will maybe become the best ping pong players in the world. However, if you are just a beginner or someone who would like to enjoy playing this fun game, but don’t know how to choose the best ping pong table, then what are some of the things you need to be aware of before buying a ping pong table? Read below for our ping pong table reviews.

Indoor or Outdoor

One of the main concerns when wanting to buy a ping pong table is whether you would like to use it in the comfort of your own home or outside. When it comes to outdoor tables, they are always a bit more expensive than their indoor counterparts, but that is due to their superior design and ability to withstand harsh weather without deforming or rusting. The tabletop of an outdoor tennis table is usually made of wood that has been previously treated, but it could also be made from melamine (a stiff, non warping and very tough material which some manufacturers use to make placemats).

Indoor tables are generally made of wood and they are optimized for maximum performance, but are sensitive to temperature and humidity, so its vital that you only store them in environments where air humidity and temperature can be controlled. If you keep them in a room where the temperature is kept constant, then you can expect them to last you for many years. Some people though want to store them in their garage, thinking its a good place to keep an indoor pool table, but not all of them are dry enough to guarantee the table wont get damaged over time.

Top Thickness

If you want to make sure that the table top of your tennis table is resistant to warp, then it needs to have a thickness measuring three quarters of an inch. Table tops that are 5/8 inch or half an inch thick are just too thin to be resistant to warp, so never go with such models if you value your money. More to that, any top that is less than three quarters of an inch thick wont provide you with a consistent bounce which is vital for those who want to enjoy a great game of ping pong.

The rule of thumb here is that the thicker the top of the ping pong table, the better, since its going to improve the tables quality and allow for a more natural bounce of the ball. However, the top can be made from a variety of materials and each of them have properties that affect the bounce of the ball and take a great toll on your overall game of ping pong. For instance, some of them are made of high resin materials, which feature superior resistance to warp when compared against regular particle board. Lastly, take into consideration the evenness of the support under the top, since it directly impacts the bounce quality of the table.

Frame Thickness And Durability

If you want to go for a table that’s very durable, then go for one that comes with largely sized legs, but bear in mind that in general, tables with a higher number of connecting points within the frame are much more durable, regardless if the bracing and legs are not that thick. If you want, you can compare a tennis table with a chain: it may have legs that are apparently strong, but if it doesn’t feature enough connections, it wont offer you the durability you need to last for many years to come.

Stationary Net

When you’ll be out looking for a ping pong table you’ll see that many of them feature a stationary net post. These are basically the brackets that hold the net in place while you and your friends are playing ping pong, so if the net is stationary, then it means that the posts are permanently attached to the table. While most people love this type of ping pong table, some may want one that comes with a removable net post.


The overall strength of the ping pong table is defined by its undercarriage which comprises the folding mechanism and the ping pong tables legs. If you want to use the table competitively and therefore almost every day, then its important to get one that has a strong undercarriage. On top of that, if the table is also going to be used by your teenage kids who may lunge over it in order to win the set, then you can easily realize just how helpful a strong undercarriage in this case can be.

Guarantees and Spare Parts

If you go for a strong ping pong table, then it should easily last you for several years. However, depending on its warranty period and any warranty claims you’d like to make in the future, its best if you can go with one from a highly reputable manufacturer that can easily supply you with the needed parts for your table in case they break.


Lastly, the assembly of your ping pong table should be very simple and if possible, you may also opt for a model that comes already assembled (this is often the case with high end ping pong tables). Be sure that the ping pong table you get comes with a detailed instructions manual that tells you exactly how to assemble it and double check to make sure you don’t need extra tools (that the manufacturer doesn’t provide) to assemble it. In general, if you never assembled a ping pong table before, the first time you’re going to do it may take about thirty to forty minutes of your time.

Now that you know How to Choose the Best Ping Pong Table for your needs, all you have to do is set a budget and go shopping. Remember not to fall for the bells and whistles of the many ping pong tables you’ll find on market and only get the one that fully meets your needs.

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